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Title: Los miedos

Author: Xabier Vila-Coia

Publisher: Lapinga Ediciones

First edition: May 2015

Place of edition: Madrid

Format: 17 cm X 23 cm

Thickness: 1,4 cm

Weight: 380 g

Number of pages: 114

Binding: Paperback

Subject: Art/Photography/Visual and Experimental Anthropology

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-84-934985-4-2

EAN: 9788493498542

Price: 20 €

Synopsis: In this work, the author presents his conception of man’s principal fears through images: some are personal and individual while others are collective and universal, including the fear of independence. Using a skull taken from an ossuary as reference, Xabier Vila-Coia invites us to look and feel what we would prefer to forget or ignore.